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Pool Renovations in King of Prussia, PA

If your commercial swimming pool is looking a little worse for wear, you’re not alone. Many commercial property owners here in Pennsylvania have enough on their plates without worrying about their commercial poo. As a result, PA pools often suffer from years of wear and tear without a remodeling project in sight. But here at Bennington Pool Services, we believe your commercial swimming pool should be a source of pride, not a cause for concern. Our expert team specializes in comprehensive pool renovations in King of Prussia, PA, and the surrounding PA areas, bringing a fresh perspective to tired and worn-out pools.

As an industry-leading provider of swimming pool renovation services, we take great pride in being the only completely in-house pool management company in the southeastern Pennsylvania area, serving Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, and Delaware County, PA, and other popular locations nearby. Our specialties run the gamut when it comes to repairing and renovating commercial pools. From pool resurfacing and replastering to tile installation and repair, concrete deck replacement, and many other swimming pool renovation projects, there’s no job too big or too small for our company!

We take great pride in our National Plaster Council member status, with certified technicians who have a portfolio of completed projects to showcase. In addition to pool renovations in King of Prussia, PA, our company also offers other services, including lifeguard management, pool management, and more.

Countless customers rely on Bennington to provide the swimming pool renovation services they need to give their pools a new life and a new look. Once you’ve experienced our service firsthand, we think you’ll agree that other local swimming pool companies can’t hold a candle to us! Whether you need routine maintenance or complex swimming pool renovation, we promise quality work, prompt service, and affordable prices every time. Keep reading to learn more about our work, or call us today for all your swimming pool renovation needs!

Pool Repairs

Bennington Pool Services offers complete pool repair services to keep your commercial swimming pool operating smoothly. Whether you need inground pool repairs or pool renovation services, our team of skilled pool technicians can handle the job.


Before beginning your swimming pool repair project, our knowledgeable pool repair experts will visit the site and test your pool for leaks with dye testing, pressure testing, and water loss analysis. If your commercial swimming pool loses more than one inch of water weekly, it may have a leak that requires professional pool repairs. We use the latest methods to fix each swimming pool leak, saving you a large amount of money over time.

If your commercial pool has suffered wear and tear from many seasons of use and is in dire need of repair, it can become a safety hazard or drive away potential visitors. But don’t start shopping for a new pool just yet! Instead, count on our expertise and commitment to quality to bring it back to its former glory in a timely manner. We can repair or restore concrete pool tiles and coping stones, as well as replace your pool’s rubber joint, pump, and filter — parts that are essential for keeping your pool in top operating condition.

Pool Renovation

Even if you keep up with regular pool maintenance, the years can take a toll on pool tile and pool concrete. As your existing pool ages, chemical imbalances, UV rays, and soil shifts can produce cracks in pool plaster and concrete. When these surfaces weaken, the veneer may begin peeling, which allows dirt and algae to collect on your pool’s surface. These problems are destructive and make it even harder to maintain your pool, creating a vicious cycle of work that feels impossible to complete. As a result, you end up with an unsightly, unpleasant outdoor living space that doesn’t measure up to the quality that your customers, visitors, and guests deserve.

Don’t give up on your swimming pool dreams this summer! Instead, invest in swimming pool renovations from the best in the business. When you need inground pool renovations for your commercial swimming pool, Bennington Pool Services has your back. You can depend on our experience and expertise for any and all in-house, full-service pool renovations in King of Prussia, PA, and the surrounding areas. Our pool restoration experts will inspect your commercial pool and create a plan of action before beginning renovations. In just a few hours or days, we can eliminate those unsightly cracks, resurface pool plaster, and restore your concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass pool to make it look new again. Bring your Philadelphia, Bucks, or Montgomery County pool back to its former glory and create an outdoor oasis today by booking services with our knowledgeable pool renovation company!

Inground Pool Services

Inground pools require special and specific care and maintenance. If you need pool renovations in King of Prussia, PA, or the surrounding areas for your health and fitness center, swim club, or hotel inground pool, trust the experts at Bennington Pool Services. We specialize in providing inground pool repairs and renovations for commercial swimming pools, so whether your inground pool or spa has a leaky filter, air in the pump basket, or a melted pump fitting, you can depend on our technicians to repair and restore it.

We aren’t the only team offering inground pool and spa renovation in the Philadelphia, PA, area, but there’s a reason we’ve established such a good reputation in the areas of Bucks, Chester, and Montgomery County, PA. Our inground pool renovations and inground pool restoration techniques have satisfied countless clients, and we’d be happy to show you how we earned our reputation for superior service! Simply contact us to book indoor pool renovations today, and we’ll get the job done.

9 Signs You Need Swimming Pool Renovations or Repairs

Deciding when you need pool renovations isn’t always easy, but a few specific signs may tip you off. If you notice any of these nine tell-tale signs, it’s time to call our crew for complete swimming pool renovations in King of Prussia, PA!

Cracks and Structural Issues

If you start noticing cracks in the structure of your pool or spa (including plaster, tile, or lining) or similar signs of deterioration, it’s a clear signal that you need professional swimming pool renovations. Especially when it comes to larger pools, structural damage can quickly compound and worsen over time, and you may end up running into more extensive and costly issues with the rest of your pool if the damage is not addressed promptly. Contact us for service today to renovate your pool or spa and protect it from these long-term problems.

Fading or Peeling Pool Finish

A faded or peeling pool finish looks unsightly and can indicate excessive wear and tear. A high-quality pool renovation will enhance your pool’s appearance and ensure the structure’s longevity.

Outdated Aesthetics

Styles and trends evolve, and a pool built to match the trends of years gone by might now seem outdated. If your Philadelphia, PA, pool feels stuck in a different era, we can renovate it to match the current aesthetic of your commercial property.

Inefficient Filtration or Circulation

A pool’s filtration and circulation system are crucial for maintaining water quality. If you notice decreased efficiency or irregularities with your pool or spa, it’s time to call in the experts for service. In addition to professional evaluation, our swimming pool renovation company can also recommend more efficient plumbing and filtration equipment for all types of pools.

Persistent Leaks

A constantly leaking swimming pool is not only a nuisance but also a sign of underlying issues, such as cracked pool plaster or damaged tile. Addressing leaks promptly during pool renovations can save you from extensive water damage and higher water bills. If your pool has a lingering leak, reach out to us ASAP for inground pool restoration.

Worn Out or Unsafe Decking/Tiling

You may keep a close eye on your pool or spa itself, but its surroundings have an important job to do, too. Your pool deck and the surrounding tiling don’t just exist to provide style and pool access; they are also safety features. If you observe worn-out or uneven decking or tiling near or around your pool, it’s essential to include it in your pool renovations for both visual appeal and safety reasons. Contact our pool renovation company anytime for a free deck or tiling repair estimate.

Outdated Pool Features

Whether it’s an old diving board, inefficient lighting, or outdated water features, remodeling or upgrading these elements during swimming pool renovations can bring back your pool’s former glory while enhancing its functionality. From waterfall and spa jets to custom tiling patterns and fountain-style effects, we can create the oasis of your dreams with our renovation services. Don’t let your visitors, customers, guests, or tenants miss out on pool time this summer. Give your Philadelphia, PA-area pool a facelift before swimming season starts, and see the difference for yourself!

Difficulty in Maintaining Water Chemistry

Pools can become more finicky as they age, even if you’ve established a good care routine. If you find it increasingly challenging to balance your pool’s water chemistry, it might be due to aging equipment or outdated systems that need renovating or remodeling. Our swimming pool renovation company can help you install new components for more manageable maintenance.

Unpleasant Odors or Algae Growth

Persistent odors or recurring algae growth on pool plaster, decking, or tiles are often indicative of poor water circulation or filtration issues. Knowledgeable technicians from our pool renovation company can address these problems, ensuring your Bucks, Philadelphia, Chester, or Montgomery County, PA, pool remains clean and inviting all spring and summer long.

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Renovating your pool is more than just another task on your checklist; it’s a true investment in your commercial space. Keep customers, visitors, guests, and tenants happy with a beautiful swimming space and reap the rewards of a great reputation. Whether you need commercial swimming pool repair services or pool renovation services in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, or Delaware County, PA, Bennington Pool Services can tackle your project with ease. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!