Swarthmore College

In the summer of 2020, Bennington Pool Services was selected to renovate the pool at Swarthmore College in Delaware County, PA. The pool was roughly 9,000 square feet of surface area and held over 360,000 gallons of water. Bennington plastered the pool and replaced the gutter grates.

Bennington installed SGM Diamond Brite Commercial White to bring the facility back to life. It took roughly 50,000 lbs of plaster. The facility now has one of the finest competition pools in the area, with upgraded plaster and gutter grates!

GO Phineas!!!

What a New Pool Means for Swarthmore College 

Students at Swarthmore College take their sports seriously, as they do many other aspects of their academic life. Swarthmore’s history includes 8 National Championships and over 330 All-Americans, and varsity squads filled with some of the brightest minds in the nation. With a minuscule acceptance rate, Swarthmore is deserving of some of the finest equipment to help its students perform their best in schooling and competitive events. And this newly renovated pool by Bennington Pool Services was exactly what their student-athletes needed. With historical performances and plenty of medals won in the short period since the pool was initially opened, the renovation has provided an essential role in the continual growth of the college’s swimming team.

How Pool Renovations Make a Difference

When it comes to collegiate athletics, one of the most important amenities a school can offer is a state-of-the-art swimming pool. But pools offer more than just a home for athletic teams. Swimming provides a full-body workout and can be an effective way for many students to decompress after a long day of studying, working, or completing daily tasks.

Renovations to a college pool can be crucial to ensure safety and accessibility for athletes and students alike. Whether it’s updating the filtration system, adding features like new starting blocks, or performing similar upgrades like the ones in the job we completed at Swarthmore College, renovating a pool can make a world of difference. A renovated pool can also help to attract top recruits to the school and set the foundation for a strong athletic reputation. When done well, a renovated college pool can be a source of pride for the entire campus community and, as seen in Swarthmore College, lead to years of tremendous success.

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