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Lifeguards need more than just great training and sharp eyes to do their jobs. They need the right apparel and equipment, too. From whistles to lifeguard T-shirts, lifeguard equipment should be eye-catching and designed to signify that you’re ready to help no matter what.

At Bennington Pool Services, we’re proud to be a trusted source of lifeguard clothing and gear for men and women. Is a lifeguarding position in your near future? Get ready for summer now with our selection of lifeguard apparel and gear. We have what you need to stay cool while working at the pool or beach on hot summer days, and we print our apparel using top brands that look and feel great to wear. Contact us to place an order today, or browse some styles and products below!

While we don’t offer a huge selection of clothes, we do choose all of our lifeguard clothing carefully, with safety, comfort, and movement in mind. We also keep prices low to make getting the products you need convenient and affordable.

Bennington Pool Services stocks several practical and durable lifeguard apparel products for both men and women. One of our most popular options is our lifeguard tank tops. These unisex tanks are attractive, easily noticeable, and well-made for optimal comfort, so they’re easy to throw on top of swimsuits or wear by themselves. We carry size small through size 2XL.

Are you having a chilly day by the pool or working during cooler evenings? Stay warm and stylish in our unisex crewneck lifeguard hoodies. Our popular lifeguard hoodies come in sizes small through XL and feature the great new Bennington logo printed on a high-quality Gildan brand Heavy Blend Adult Crewneck Sweatshirt. They’re designed to never pill, shrink in the wash, or become itchy and irritating. Find your size and place an order today!

Lifeguard whistles aren’t your standard gift or everyday accessory, but they are an absolute must-have for anyone working at a pool, beach, water park, or other aquatic destination. Both indoor and outdoor swimming spaces can get very loud, especially when young children are present, so every lifeguard needs a whistle to quickly attract the attention of pool-goers. Lifeguards also use their whistles to signal routine and emergency drills as well as other pool information. Your uniform isn’t complete without a lifeguard whistle, so pick one up in our shop today!

Whether you’ve been a lifeguard before or spent a lot of time by the pool, you’ve probably already noticed that lifeguards and pool supervisors use specific whistle patterns for particular situations and meanings. These signals may be simple short or long whistle blasts or may involve other, more complex hand signs and gestures.

As much as we’d love to provide you with a study guide to lifeguard whistle signals, no two pools are the same, so we’d be here all day long if we started listing all the possible variations. Here in the United States, there are no “standardized” pool whistle codes, so you’ll need to learn all about the specific whistle signals used at your specific pool. If you’re unsure how to use your whistle once you’ve received it, don’t be afraid to ask your supervisor or a fellow lifeguard.

When you’re a lifeguard, it’s not always easy to find a safe place for your sunglasses, keys, cell phone, and other essential personal items since you’re usually in a one-piece, swim trunks, or athletic shorts as you work. Plus, changing positions with other lifeguards often means you don’t have a dedicated place for your belongings, and even though a few select swim shorts and suits have pockets, the last thing you want is to jump into the pool with your phone, wallet, or keys in your shorts by mistake.

Great news! There’s no need to shop for a big, bulky backpack or a flimsy drawstring pouch. Our high-quality lifeguard hip packs are great for carrying all of the equipment you need on the job. They are durable, stylish, made for both men and women, and easy to put on and take off, so you can make safety your first and only priority. The simple buckle closure enables you to react quickly in an emergency without all your belongings ending up in the pool. The “GUARD” print and bold Red Cross colors alert both children and adults that you are ready to help with any and all lifeguard duties. Pick up one of these great bags today, and stay prepared for any type of day at work!

A lifeguard CPR mask (sometimes aptly called a “pocket mask”) is something that you never want to actually have to use, but it’s still an essential part of your everyday lifeguarding equipment. We stock portable and durable latex-free lifeguard CPR masks that are one-size-fits-all (designed to fit adults, children, and infants for CPR purposes).

CPR masks are most effective when kept on your person at all times. Many lifeguards we’ve trained keep their CPR masks in their hip packs, purses, or backpacks so that they’re easy to find and use if an emergency arises one day. After all, the last thing you want is to dig through a dusty first-aid kit in the back of the pool office to find a CPR mask in time for a rescue!

CPR masks are a powerful tool since they make the CPR process easier and provide a protective barrier between your mouth and the mouth of the person you’re helping. However, this tool is not a substitute for first aid training or CPR certification. It’s important to only use a CPR mask if you have the proper training or supervision. We provide Red Cross CPR training that can be used to rescue adults, children, and infants as part of our lifeguard certification classes, so be sure to sign up ASAP if you still haven’t gotten certified. In just a short period of time, you’ll be ready to start working as a lifeguard!

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Are you ready to get the swimming season started? Before you shop for swim trunks, print out your certification paperwork, and start working, make sure you have all of the lifeguard apparel that you need. Find something great here in our guard shop, or give a lifeguard friend or family member a gift they’ll actually use at work every day.

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