Pool Closing & Winterizing

Pool Closing & Winterizing Services

As the pool season draws to a close in King of Prussia, PA, Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding areas, you may be considering how to properly wrap up your swimming pool’s operations. That’s where Bennington Pool Services comes in with our top-notch pool closing and winterizing services! Our skilled pool care experts are adept at ensuring your pool is primed for the off-season, helping to prevent costly repairs and maintain the longevity of your pool.

Closing a pool, especially an inground pool, can be a daunting task. But with Bennington Pool Services, you can easily winterize and close your pool without lifting a finger. Our pool service pros are trained to handle every part of pool closing services, from adjusting the water level and removing accessories to installing the pool cover and beyond.

With our pool services for health clubs, sports facilities, apartment complexes, summer camps, and much more, you can rest assured that your pool will be properly closed for the winter and ready to go when the warm weather returns. With our year-round swimming pool closing and winterizing services, your pool maintenance can extend well beyond the summer months.

Ready to achieve pool perfection? Call us now or keep reading to learn more about our pool closing services in King of Prussia and other nearby areas!

Pool Closing Service

Our comprehensive pool closing and winterizing services ensure that your inground pool is ready to weather any kind of seasonal changes Mother Nature has to throw at us. After performing any other necessary tasks, such as pool leak detection services , we’ll get to work providing our industry-leading pool closing services. Here’s what you can expect:

The first step in closing your pool involves protecting its mechanical equipment, including but not limited to your filters, DE filter elements, pool lines, and more. As the cooler months approach, it’s crucial to safeguard these components from potential freeze damage brought about by cold winters.

We start by removing accessories such as the diving board and pool ladder. For some pools, we clean and calibrate the backwash sand and DE filter systems. For cartridge filter systems, we take out the cartridge for cleaning.

Then, any excess water is drained from the pool, making sure that the water line levels are below the skimmer. When water levels are too high, it can lead to various problems, including inefficient skimming and potential damage to the pool cover.

Next, we focus on your pool’s underground lines. Our pool service professionals use an airlock method to clear the lines and add antifreeze to prevent freezing and bursting during the winter months. All drain plugs are then removed to prevent any residual water from freezing and causing damage during the cold season.

Finally, we take care of your pool’s chemical balance. This involves adjusting the chlorine and pH levels of your pool water so that it inhibits algae growth. Once the balance is achieved, our pool service technicians use a pool vacuum to remove any debris from the pool. To wrap everything up, we install a specialized mesh cover, securing it tightly to prevent debris and excess water from entering the pool.

Pool Winterizing Services

Winterizing your pool is a crucial part of our pool closing service, with a specific focus on protecting your pool from the cold winter months that we typically see here in PA. Our winterizing services include, but aren’t limited to, shutting off the gas supply to heaters, prepping the pool cover, and ensuring all equipment is properly stored away for the season. This provides you with peace of mind when the swimming pool isn’t in use.

Our winterizing service also involves lowering your pool’s water level, which helps prevent freeze damage during winter. Water expands when it freezes, so leaving too much water in the pool can lead to pressure build-up, causing cracks or other forms of damage to your pool.

The Importance of Proper Pool Closing

Closing a pool during fall and winter is not optional if you own or manage a commercial pool; it’s a requirement for both your safety and liability. Here are a few reasons why you should call Bennington for pool service:

Keeps Your Pool Safer & Cleaner

A properly closed pool with a well-fitted cover can help prevent accidents such as slips, falls, or even unintentional drownings during the off-season. Furthermore, secure winter covers can also prevent animals and debris from falling in, maintaining the cleanliness of your pool while it’s not in use.

Preserves Your Pool & Pool Equipment

Beyond safety, investing in professional pool closing services is also an important part of protecting your investment in your swimming pool. Skipping pool service at the end of the summer or leaving your pool without a cover during the colder months can lead to significant damage. Water that freezes inside your pipes can cause them to crack or burst, leading to extensive damage to filter equipment, hoses, and more. If unbalanced chemicals aren’t dealt with before you close your pool down, they can harm your pool’s liner, leading to discoloration and deterioration. Avoid these problems by booking pool closing services with Bennington and enjoy a worry-free winter.

Saves You Time & Money

Finally, closing your pool saves you time and money when winter comes to an end. With our professional pool closing and winterizing services, you can avoid the hassle and expense of extensive repairs and lengthy cleaning processes. Scheduling pool closing service proactively ensures that your spring and summer will be far less labor-intensive and your pool will be ready for action right away!

Close Your Swimming Pool With Ease!

Preparing your pool, spa, or hot tub for winter is not simple. Closing a pool correctly requires significant time, expertise, and the right equipment. At Bennington Pool Services, we offer comprehensive pool closing and winterizing services, taking the stress out of seasonal changes. Whether you’re in King of Prussia, PA, Delaware County, Montgomery County, or Bucks County, our team of professionals is here to help you close your pool with ease. Trust us to protect your investment and keep your pool ready for many seasons to come!