Pool Leak Detection Services

Pool Leak Detection Services

A shimmering pool under the sun’s warm glow is the epitome of relaxation and recreation. Commercial pools, in particular, offer a hub of leisure for patrons seeking relief from the scorching summer heat. However, managing a commercial pool is no easy feat, and pool leaks can be a persistent menace. That’s where Bennington Pool Services comes to the rescue with our tailored pool leak detection services throughout King of Prussia, PA, and the surrounding areas. Whether you run a bustling in-ground pool at a summer camp or a hot tub at a laid-back health spa, our professional pool experts will repair the issue, restore your peace of mind, and prevent your pool from draining right out from under your nose… all for a reasonable cost! Learn more about our leak detection work below, or call us now if evaporation issues have started to occur in your pool.

Swimming Pool Leak Detection Services

Why worry so much about a small leak? It’s simple: it won’t be small for long! Pool leaks are a pressing concern because a leaking pool can lead to not only costly water wastage, but also extensive structural damage to pool wall(s), liner(s), and pipes if left unaddressed. Bennington Pool Services specializes in proactive and affordable pool leak detection services, ensuring your aquatic oasis remains pristine. Our professional team can fix leaks in pools big or small, no matter what’s lurking under the surface of your pool. We also have many other pool care specialties, from maintenance to pool lighting services and beyond. All in all, with us, your pool is in safe hands!

Leak Detection Methods

Now that we’ve outlined the importance of timely detection, let’s explore a few of the cutting-edge methods we use in our pool leak detection services!

Pressure Testing

To perform a pressure test, the first step is to isolate the pool’s plumbing system. This is typically done by sealing off the skimmer(s) and return lines. Then, with the plumbing system isolated, a specialized pressure-testing device is connected to the system. This device introduces pressurized air or water into the plumbing lines, increasing the pressure within the system beyond its normal operating levels. Once the system is pressurized, our leak detection service professionals closely monitor the pool’s pressure levels. If there are no pool leaks present, the pressure should remain stable. However, if there are water leaks within the pool, the pressure will gradually decrease.

If we discover that your pool is leaking using a pressure test, we will get to work on repair ASAP to restore your peace of mind. In some cases, we may need to drain the pool entirely, especially if it is an inground pool. In other cases, this may not be necessary. It all depends on the severity and amount of repair needed, the condition of your pool, and the amount of leaks that are present. Simply give us a call to book a pool regulation compliance  assessment and we can provide an estimate.

Acoustic Leak Detection

Utilizing specialized equipment, this method involves using specialized microphones and hydrophones to listen for the distinct sound of water escaping, helping test for and locate even the most elusive undetected leaks. Then, the data collected by the equipment is carefully analyzed by our professional technicians. This sophisticated equipment can differentiate between normal pool background noise and the sound of a leak, allowing us to pinpoint the exact location of the issue and begin repairing the broken pipe, faulty skimmer, or leaky pool liner ASAP. Enjoy your pool again without worry with our acoustic leak detection service!

Pool Leak Detection Dye

Pool leak detection dye is a precise and cost-effective method used in many pool leak scenarios. First, a Bennington pool professional injects a small amount of colored dye near suspected areas, such as cracks, seams, or fittings. The dye then follows the path of the leak, making it visible within the pool water. Based on where the dye travels, we can find the specific spot where your pool or spa leaks and make effective repairs.

Leak detection dye is one of the most effective methods for detecting a small, medium, or large leak. This method is highly efficient and versatile, works for both concrete and vinyl pools, and is particularly useful for identifying leaks in intricate plumbing systems. Unlike some other pool leak detection methods, dye testing doesn’t require major excavation or dismantling of the pool to detect leaks, minimizing disruption to your business. This method is also budget-friendly, making it an ideal choice for commercial pool owners looking to save money on the cost of pool leak detection services.

Common Signs of Pool Leaks

Detecting a leak in your commercial pool can be tricky, but there are telltale signs that should raise alarm bells. Here are a few warning signals that you should book pool leak detection services:

Unexplained Water Loss

One of the most obvious indicators of a pool leak is a noticeable drop in water level without any apparent cause. To check if your pool is losing water faster than usual, try the “bucket test.” It involves comparing the water loss in a bucket placed in the pool to the water loss in the pool itself over 24-48 hours. If the pool loses significantly more water than the bucket, it suggests a potential leak, while similar water loss indicates evaporation is the likely cause.

Increased Chemical Usage

Some pools need more TLC than others, but if you find yourself constantly adding chemicals to maintain water quality, it could be a sign that your pool is losing water through a hidden leak.

Cracks and Damage

Inspect the pool’s structure regularly for cracks or damage, as even a small crack can become a spot where water can escape. Spotted a crack, hole, or loose connection during your search? Put down the waterproof tape and let the pros fix it! Call our pros and we’ll inspect the liner, drain, pipes, and pool walls, then provide prompt and affordable repair.

Soggy Ground

Sometimes, leaking water drains into the area around the pool. Your surrounding landscaping may suddenly become soggy if there’s an underground leak. Contact us now to fix this problem.

We recommend vigilant monitoring for these signs to catch leaks early and prevent further damage. We can provide periodic summertime inspections to ease your worries, or simply schedule a beginning and end-of-season check. We’ll just need access for a few hours to make sure that everything is going swimmingly.

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