Pool Lighting Services

Pool Lighting Services

Commercial swimming pools are more than just a body of water — they’re a centerpiece for entertainment, relaxation, and exercise. But what happens when the sun goes down and the light fades away? Is your pool deck or spa devoid of illumination? Does your pool become an obscure, unusable feature in your landscape, with your pool fountains and water features  fading away into the dark? Well…  you can change things for the better when you invest in high-quality pool lighting from Bennington Pool Services!

At Bennington Pool Services, we provide top-notch commercial pool lighting services that illuminate your commercial pool area, making it safer and more appealing even after the sun sets. Whether you want to light up a late-night swim party or enable your patrons to take a quiet midnight dip, our LED pool lighting services will ensure that your commercial pool is an inviting oasis at all hours. Learn more about our pool lighting specialties below, or contact us today to make a splash and improve YOUR pool’s ambiance with brand-new pool lights now!

Bringing Your Pool Lighting Ideas to Life

Installing lights in and around your commercial swimming pool is just common sense, but not all pool lighting companies are alike. At Bennington Pool Services, we work closely with you to bring your commercial pool lighting ideas to life. Whether you want to use your pool lights to highlight architectural features, create dynamic underwater scenes with fancy lighting controls, or simply provide safety and visibility with swimming pool or spa lights, we’ve got you covered with our advanced energy-saving technologies.

Our team of experienced swimming pool light professionals will guide you through the process, from choosing the right type of lighting to suit your needs, to deciding on how many pool lights you need, to positioning your new pool or spa lights for the optimal aesthetic experience. Our high-quality, energy-efficient, and waterproof LED lights are designed to withstand the harsh pool environment, so you can be confident in their performance and durability.

We understand that every pool is unique, and we’re committed to providing personalized pool lighting services that suit your vision and budget, whether you need one light to boost safety at night or you’re seeking a complete swimming pool lighting solution to change the mood and vibe of your space. With our pool light expertise and dedication, we can transform your pool into a stunning visual masterpiece that you’ll enjoy day and night. Enjoy the latest innovations in pool lighting at a price you can afford with help from our pool light pros!

LED Pool Lights

One of the most popular options in modern pool lighting is LED (Light Emitting Diode) pool lights. They’ve revolutionized the way pools are lit, offering a myriad of benefits over traditional incandescent and halogen lights. LED pool lights are known for their durability, low maintenance, energy efficiency, and versatility in terms of color and brightness.

LED pool lights use semiconductor technology to produce light, which means they don’t have filaments that can burn out quickly. This makes them exceptionally long-lasting compared to halogen bulbs. In fact, a typical LED light bulb can last up to 50,000 hours — that’s almost six years of continuous lighting, even if the pool lights are left on long after summer is over! This is a game-changer for pool owners who forget to change their pool lights… or anyone that might prefer handling this tiresome job a little less often.

Want another reason to upgrade to the future of illumination for your pool lights? LED lights also produce a brighter, more intense light than traditional bulbs. They disperse illumination evenly across pools, creating a stunning visual effect and enhancing visibility for evening or night-time swimming. And even though they provide powerful light, these lights don’t run hot, making them safe for use in pools without any safety risks. That’s style AND safety in one great package!

The Benefits of Energy-Efficient LED Lights

LED lights aren’t just about aesthetics. They also offer substantial energy savings. These pool lights consume significantly less power than traditional lighting options — up to 80% less, in fact. This translates into lower energy bills, making LED pool lights a cost-effective lighting choice in the long run. Three or more lights can run from one power source, so you don’t have to deal with dangerous extension cords or other temporary lighting solutions.

Plus, because LED pool lights last longer, having LEDs installed in your pool helps you save on pool lighting replacement costs. Imagine not having to replace your pool lights for several years. That’s fewer maintenance tasks for you and more time to enjoy your pool — all thanks to our state-of-the-art pool lighting services!

In addition to being energy-efficient, LED pool lights are eco-friendly. Due to their reduced energy consumption, these pool lights minimize the demand from power plants and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Plus, unlike many traditional models, LED pool light bulbs don’t contain mercury or other toxic substances, making these pool light bulbs safer for the environment when disposed of.

But the benefits don’t stop there. LED lights also give you the ability to change the mood and ambiance of your swimming pool or spa lighting at the touch of a button. With a wide range of colors and brightness levels, you can create a tranquil blue oasis for a relaxing swim, a vibrant, multi-colored mood for parties, or anything in between. Some pool lighting even connects to smart technology, so you can host light shows anytime. Talk about a cost-effective and dramatic upgrade for your existing pool!

Pool Lighting & Compliance

For commercial swimming pools that are open at night, providing safe lighting is part of pool regulation compliance  — whether your facility has above-ground or inground pools. We can add essential lighting to your facility’s pool to keep guests safe in the dark and minimize the risk of accidents. Adding lights in the pool area protects your patrons from harm and also protects you from legal complications caused by a pool-related injury. Our lighting is low-maintenance and our light installation process is straightforward, resulting in minimal pool downtime while the lights are being placed.

Even if you do not operate your pool at night, keeping your pool well-lit dissuades trespassing and unauthorized entry. Speak with our lighting experts today about installing spot lights, flood lights, motion-activated lights, or other pool lighting products to light up your space. Bright lighting is sure to keep ne’er-do-wells away from your commercial pool!

Illuminate the Night!

Investing in professional pool lighting services can significantly enhance the safety, usability, and ambiance of your pool. LED pool and spa lighting offers numerous advantages, from energy-efficient operation to versatile and vibrant hues. At Bennington Pool Services, we’re passionate about helping you maximize these benefits and install lights that bring your ideas to life. Don’t let your swimming pool be left in the dark —  illuminate it with our top-tier pool lighting solutions and create a brighter, more memorable experience for patrons and guests!