About Bennington Pool Services
We’re a team of lifeguards who put your safety above all else. Learn more about what makes us the finest lifeguard company in the region!

Bennington Pool Services

Bennington Pool Services was born with the blessing of our founder Matthew McMaster. Our dedication to being one of the leading pool services in Greater Philadelphia and the surrounding areas has led to who we are today. We pride ourselves on employing some of the best lifeguards, staying on top of all industry challenges and changes, and protecting the lives of everyone we interact with. Together with the fantastic team at Bennington Pool Services, you can form a partnership with a company that puts just as much care into you and the people you love as we do. 

Areas We Serve

What good are our lifeguard services if they’re confined to a small region? Thankfully, Bennington Pool Services is available for many Pennsylvania residents, serving future lifeguards and pool owners in King of Prussia and the surrounding areas of Montgomery County, Delaware County, Philadelphia County, Chester County, Bucks County, and Lehigh County, PA. Work with our team and receive the same level of service no matter where you’re from.

What We Do

Bennington Pool Services offers exceptional lifeguard training for dedicated swimmers looking to become the best lifeguard possible. With premium certification courses covering every training aspect, we instill a set of foundational skills and regulations that define each lifeguard. Our current lifeguard team is an example of what you can be, as each of them displays a similar level of care for every job they set out to accomplish. Learn rewarding skills and grow your lifeguarding career while spending as much time around the water as possible! Best of all, you can join our team and work with some of the finest lifeguards in Greater Philadelphia and the surrounding area locations!
Our lifeguard management company is a step ahead of the rest, and it’s all because we employ some of the more thorough and skilled lifeguards in the region. The goal of each of our amazing crew members is to provide safety everywhere we go, ensuring that your family, friends, and other event members can swim with ease. From residential pool events to commercially centered occasions in apartments, condos, or hotels, Bennington Pool Services has a lifeguard to watch your back. For more information, explore our lifeguard management services and find the perfect lifeguard for your next outing. 

Ready to Get Started? Choose Bennington Pool Services and Don’t Look Back

No matter what kind of lifeguard services you need, Bennington Pool Services never misses the mark. Become the best lifeguard possible, or work with our highly trained and certified lifeguard team to protect the people around any event. Give us a call to get more details about how we can serve residents of King of Prussia and Montgomery County, Delaware County, Philadelphia County, Chester County, Bucks County, and Lehigh County, PA. We look forward to being the lifeguard team you can trust!